Shoreline Kitchen Remodel

Before shot showing the old kitchen and part of the nook which had two entrances previously.

After showing section of kitchen that was redesigned for better flow and use of space. Refrigerator is now on the far wall you see in the before picture to the left.

This before shot shoes the traditional split level galley kitchen from the dining space.

After shot showing the walls removed and new island viewed  from the dining and living spaces.

Before shot viewed from nook.

After picture showing walls removed at end of kitchen by dining area.

Before picture showing entire kitchen area with walls.

After picture showing same area as on the left before picture with walls removed. Remaining wall portion had to stay and is the portion directly across from stairs in before picture.

Before picture of nook area showing one of the two entrances that were walled up. The refrigerator is currently on the wall to the right in this shot.

This after picture shows the area that had the entrance shown in the before picture on to the left.

A close up shot of the backsplash at the sink. Great color and beautiful new sink and faucet.