Altstadt Interiors ensures that every design project, large or small, is executed with quality, integrity and personality.

Tana Mattson's customer-focused approach to design accommodates a diverse range of styles and budgets.

"Interior Design and helping people is my passion. I've loved every minute of my career."  ~ Tana Mattson

Design Services Offered:

  • Quick Consult ~ A One to Two hour consultation to help with any part of your project, notes will be provided after meeting for you to refer back to as needed.
  • Classic Design Service ~ What we do most, more than a Quick Consult and less than Full Service Design.  We are on the job to help with most aspects of your project and ensure that all goes smoothly with you taking the reins as wanted or needed.
  • Full Service Design ~ We are on the job from start to finish providing everything needed on your project.  White Glove Service.

Above are priced out at an hourly rate. Flat fees can be discussed for Full Service Design jobs if desired.  Purchases through Altstadt Interiors are quoted individually with payment requirements detailed on the quote.

Altstadt Interiors works flexibly with each client based on the client's needs. We are happy to be involved in any capacity to help achieve the client and project goals.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Tana Mattson at her design studio 206-523-8838 or on her cell 206-300-6035..  Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

Ways We Can Help:

  • Project Management
  • Space Planning, Remodels & New Construction
  • Tile, Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl & Wallcoverings
  • Furniture, Fabric & Upholstery
  • Drapery & Window Treatments
  • Construction Drawings, Rendering & Built In Design
  • Tile Design
  • Quick Re-design, utilizing existing pieces to update spaces
  • Paint Color Consultation

Altstadt Interiors' customer-focused approach to design celebrates and defines the aesthetic and personality of each client. Blending experience and intuition, Owner Tana Mattson derives her designs from the needs and vision of the client as well as the parameters and opportunities for the space as well as budget.

Since 1996, Tana has cultivated a business that specializes in many styles, modern to classic. Her wide variety of design services range from full project management to rearrangement of rooms using existing pieces, accommodating a wide range of budgets as well as sustainable design.

Tana's vast skill set and tenure in the field provide the client with balanced, efficient perspective on design as well as access to the finest resources. Through Tana's career, she has built lasting relationships within the trade and recognizes the value of partnering with quality contractors, finishing installers, and trades people.

Clients of Altstadt Interiors gain access to a wide variety of exclusive products and materials. Altstadt Interiors has established accounts with many furniture and fabric lines, strong connections within the Seattle Design Center, and other resources for furniture, fabric, and accessory purchases that are dependably less expensive than retail.

Additionally, Altstadt Interiors provides clients with outstanding savings on carpet, ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, laminate, vinyl and other materials through Contract Furnishings Mart, as well as references and coordination for installers for the above materials.


Things to Consider

Finding your own style: 

Ways to do this are to know your space, i.e. know how it flows and works or doesn't work by living in the space for a good amount of time.  Know how rooms are needed with your lifestyle.

Look through design magazines, books, etc. and keep a scrap book or file of the pictures or pieces that spoke to you or you distinctly love.

From your travels or special gifts gathered think of pieces you would like to use or build on in specific areas of the home.

View: do you have one, do you need one?  Placement and area of view affects the interiors.  How does privacy affect view,  and window treatments?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What image or lifestyle do you wish to project in each room or overall?
  • How will each room be used?
  • What activities will take place in each room?
  • What is your time frame, for each room?
  • What is your budget, for overall and/or each room?
  • Which area or room has priority?  After first priority what follows?
  • Are there trouble areas or specific information that should be given or addressed?

A L T S T A D T  I N T E R I O R S
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