First Hill Kitchen & Bath Remodel

Before photo shows the sink wall, which faces view of this 19th floor unit

After photo shows the sink wall removed and opened up to the rest of the space and the view. Added a very large island for dining and more work space.

This before photo shows the back of the sink wall that was there before taking it down.

This after photo shows the sink wall from the dining room side. The new island also has cabinet storage at the seating side.

Before photo showing old refrigerator location and portion of wall that could not be removed due to electrical panel.

After photo showing sink in new large island in close location to where the original sink was and the newly painted black portion of wall where the electrical panel is located. The electrical panel section could not be removed so we opted to paint it black to balance out the opposite wall microwave and oven cabinet.

This before photo shows the range wall with the refrigerator tucked up against the electrical panel wall and the old microwave location.

This is a nice close up shot showing the cooktop in the same location as the old range, no microwave and the full height quartz backsplash. We used Stratus Rainier Honed for this kitchen counter and backsplash.

This before photo shows the old end of the previous wall with a recessed display shelves.

This after shot shows the microwave and oven wall cabinet with paneling around this section to cover a portion of wall we could not remove. As well as having balance with the other side portion of wall that could not be removed. The end wall where the refrigerator is now has been removed and a has a cabinet panel instead for a more streamling and updated look. Removing that small portion of wall also gave us a few more inches to work with in this section of the kitchen.

Before photo showing different side of wall with recessed display shelves.

After photo showing the microwave and oven cabinet from another angle.

After Shot of Actual Kitchen Remodel

Inspiration Shot of a Kitchen the client and Altstadt Interiors used for this Kitchen Remodel.

Before photo of condo hall bath showing old vanity cabinet, mirror, lighting, sink and faucet as well as louvered closet doors.

After photo showing new vanity cabinet, sink, faucet, mirror, lighting and towel bars. The closet doors were also switched to a solid panel like all the other doors in the unit. The floor tile and shower in this bath were in great shape and the client only wanted to update the cabinetry not the entire bathroom.

This after shot shows a close up of the Kohler Hint Faucet and Kohler Verticyl Sink as well as the backsplash chosen to work with the existing floor tile and white shower tile.

This after shot shows the existing shower tile with a new shower door and new lighting outside the area which was previously similar to the old light at the sink cabinet.

Before photo of the master bath sink cabinet, mirror and lighting.

After photo showing the new vanity cabinet, mirrors, sinks, faucets and light fixtures. As with the hall bath we only updated the vanity wall due to the dated type of cabinet, height, etc. Both baths also now have toe kick lighting which automatically turns on when you walk in the room

After close up photo of Kohler Hint Faucet in Gold finish with the Kohler Verticyl sink.

As with the hall bath we only updated the cabinet wall because the rest of the tile in the room was in perfect condition.