Sand Point Remodel

Before kitchen shot showing how east wall was configured before remodel.

Kitchen reconfigured using existing kitchen cabinetry, new countertops, new backsplash to update lighten and brighten. Moving of appliances allowed for more functional use of the space.

Before shot showing old countertops and hardware. The sink area stayed as is with new sink and faucet.

Great visual showing closeup of backsplash detail, new countertops, and new sinks and faucets.

Before shot showing island with notched section.

Reconfiguring the east wall allowed for us to remove the notch and square off the island for more symmetry and working counter space. In addition we relocated the range from island to north wall.

Before shot showing old refrigerator placement, and range in island.

After shot showing new location for range and refrigerator. Much more useful working space and symmetry design.

Before above garage rec room.

After shot of redesigned rec room.



Before shot of rec room entry stairwell that was relocated.

After shot of bathroom addition in the space of old stair landing.

Before Master shower.

After Master shower.

Before Master shower pan.

After showing shower update in existing Master bath.