Matthews Beach Remodel

The above "Before" picture doesn't do this before kitchen justice. It was a small awkward space in an area that we enlarged by removing walls to make the kitchen much more cohesive with the rest of the space. We also wanted an updated northwest feel with a twist.

This "After" shot was taken from the same spot as the before shot. It is so open now that you can't imagine where the original layout was in the first place.

Another "Before" shot of the small kitchen area. Which was like a horseshoe shape in the middle of the main floor.

This "After" picture shows the results of removing the original kitchen walls to open up the space. Also taken from the same location as the before.

To find the perfect backsplash!!! Took some doing but we found the perfect backsplash for this kitchen and the homeowner.

Before master bath with tub.

After master bath now with shower only and updated tile and colors.

Before shot showing vanity with wall which was removed in the remodel.

After with new vanity custom made by woodworking neighbor. Now with 3-light vanity bar instead of one single sconce.

Before shot showing doorway and wall between shower/tub and toilet area and sink vanity.

After shot showing the new open area without dividing wall, allowing for larger vanity.